I am writing a book…



The Good. Love, Now, and the Endless Unknown.

Make your plans without any attachment to the outcome.

Let things flow through your hands easily.

Let things be as they  are.

Kindness will come because help is everywhere.

Feeling of emotion and thoughts are two different things. Feelings of emotion, joy, happiness, excitement, fear, grief, sorrow, anger, fury, wrath, deep satisfaction, whatever name we want to give them, are pure distinct felt phenomena which left uninterfered with are manifestations of joy, pleasure. We experience these to our personal capacity and limits. As we all know it is pleasure that brings meaning to our lives. An important understanding here is the difference between emotional pleasure, and physical pain. These are two separate things also. Pure emotion experienced to our capacity is the form happiness takes. Physical pain is a technical matter to do with the workings of our bodies. Kindness says minimise physical pain does it not? We all like to feel comfortable. These understandings are what I call spiritual understandings because, though they can be understood by our minds they come from another source. What I call the you in you, and a good friend of mine described as big mind.

The thing about spirituality is it is a feeling, an experience of certainty, whose only true manifestation is loving kindness toward all things. The only thought that matches this is saying yes to this type of love, all else is denial of your spirituality.

If my words resonate with you, and you feel that you do not have this purity of experience in your life, let this be, and wait, do nothing to force change on yourself, all that is necessary is to be passively aware of your desire to be free of whatever is interfering with the purity of your loving kindness. The process of becoming free may cause storms of confusion in your mind, your brain, your small mind, whatever you want to call it. Let this be. The storm will pass. There is a physical element to this process of relaxing and letting it go. You may have layers of harm. Be patient, practice loving kindness, and be passively aware of your desire to be free of hate and it’s associated thoughts. Anything else is adding fuel to the fire of your discontent. Follow your bliss, do what you love to do. It is only you that knows for sure who you are.

Help is everywhere. Everything has it’s own beauty. I do not know why things go wrong with our happiness, I just accept that this can happen, and we can be free of unhappiness, and deeply content (even through physical pain and discomfort.).

How things truly are is clearest when our minds are still.

We can have our richest experiences anywhere, some of our richest experiences happen in what we call the natural world, where the built environment is at it’s minimum. Some of our richest experiences happen in a crowded room.

To be continued…