Nature Immersion.


What is nature immersion?

Nature immersion is being surrounded by a natural environment that has a minimal amount of man made features in it. It is a therapeutic strategy intended and designed to promote wellbeing and healing. It is also referred to as nature contact and nature therapy. As a therapy it can be useful in accompany talk based counselling and other effective therapies.

How do I do it?

In this space we then intentionally connect with these natural features, the ground, the wind, the sunlight, the sounds, the temperature, the plants, the animals. We are enjoying being in nature, like feeling the big toe at the end of your foot, except you are feeling something in nature instead, as if it were part of you.


Why would I do this?

When we immerse ourselves in a natural environment in a confident and safe way, there is reliable potential for grounding in the present moment. This grounding then allows for your feelings just to be, and when our feelings are allowed to be, they manifest as energy running through our bodies, which can be accepted, and enjoyed. This is a somatic psychotherapeutic element of nature immersion.


How do I do this safely?

The safe practice of nature immersion involves understanding why you are doing it. Your intention can be to nurture yourself. Your intention can be to heal yourself. That nurture and healing can be through gentle contemplation, or active adventure. To be as safe as you can be it is important to ground yourself in your intention from the start, and ground your feet, or your body, in the environment you are in, also from the start. This grounding is achieved simply by feeling your feet on the ground, or your body in the space. When you begin your immersion, it is then important to become aware of your boundaries. Your boundaries begin where you can feel your body’s senses connecting with what is around you. Touching, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling what energies are resonating around you. It is an intention of nature immersion to experiment and play with these boundaries in a confident way. To stay within your confidence and therefore your strength, it is also necessary to feel where your limits are. Your limits are yours to play with. They can be extended, or just let be, and accepted for where they are.  Getting to know your limits and personal boundaries, and acknowledging them, is celebrating and respecting your self. This is why we are doing this. We are immersing ourselves in nature, so we can discover ourselves.



Nick Hall.