How Does Adventure Therapy Work?


How does walk and talk adventure therapy work?

My sessions are 1 to 1 .5 hours. We find a mutually agreeable spot that suits your walking pace and ability in a safe outdoor space (around Hobart). We walk and we talk about what it is you would like to explore about yourself and how your life is at the moment. Being outdoors allows for interaction with nature and what is going on around us to add to this therapeutic experience. It can be stimulating, and freeing. Not a distraction from issues, but an appreciation of how what’s happening for you fits into a bigger picture, as well as your internal world.

What if the weather is bad?

Going out in the weather can be part of this process. It’s up to both of us to decide together if the weather is ok. If it’s not ok for the day I have sheltered options or we can reschedule.

Adventure therapy???    All we are doing is walking?

Walking for some is a little adventure, and for some, walking in a natural environment is a big adventure. We can also choose our adventure. I offer canoe paddle sessions as well. Mix it up if you like.


Unexpected helpful adventures can also happen whilst we are in a dynamic outdoor environment. Interactions with nature and what is happening around us value adds to your therapeutic experience.

How safe is it?

My first priority is to establish and maintain a space that is physically and emotionally safe. The locations I use have been risk assessed by me, and I use real time risk/benefit assessment whenever I am working with you. I look for locations that have helpful, gentle nature interactions, with low to moderate people usage to maximise emotional safety.


Nick Hall.