Who is Adventure Therapy for?


Adventure therapy is a pathway to enhanced well being.

Adventure therapy is for women and men. My base session is a confidential 90 minute relaxed walk and talk in an emotionally safe space.


Adventure therapy is for children. For children and young adolescents my sessions are usually activity based (exploring, canoeing, looking for treasures, flying kites, and other stuff ! ).

I offer activity based sessions for adults as well (see above).


It is for you when you would like/prefer to access therapy and counselling in an outdoor richly natural setting (away from the tradition of sitting in a room).

Adventure therapy is for adults who want support with personal issues that are troubling or overwhelming.

It is generally a strongly positive experience, potentially helpful for all relationship and personal issues and particularly helpful for issues that benefit from space and healing such as relationship challengesanger, anxietydepressiongrief, psychological trauma, PTSD, workplace challenges, burnoutfatigue and exhaustion.

Being in the outdoors encourages feelings of intrinsic self worth and belonging, and these are encouraged and supported by the way I work with you.


My style of adventure therapy is informed by my person centred psychotherapy and counselling training, and my experiences with working with people outdoors to effect their desired positive personal change.

Adventure therapy has been described as “the prescriptive use of adventure experiences provided by mental health professionals, often conducted in natural settings that kinaesthetically engage clients on cognitive, affective, and behavioural levels” (Gass et al. , 2012) and as “the use of adventure-based activities and/or adventure-based theory to provide people with emotional and/or behavioural problems with experiences which lead to positive change in their lives.” (Neill, 2004).

Adventure therapy presently is typically used when working with groups.

I use this modality to work with people one to one. This provides a personal experience of potentially maximal quality time in our  confidential 90 minute outdoor session.

A session will  include time to connect on a personal level in a professional way, time for us to talk through what is on your mind, the opportunity to be mindful of the surroundings we are walking in and to take the time to connect with sights, sounds, smells, and other sensory events that take our interest. We get to do some gentle physical exercise and maybe share a story or two prompted by our immediate experiences. There is time to just be, and soak up the pleasure and beauty of where we are. For many people this is therapy with significant enhancement.


To talk about counselling/therapy options, and to make an appointment, please call me.

Nick Hall04594131989am to 5pmMonday to Wednesday.

(You could send me a text message at other times)

Hobart, Tasmania.

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