A Simple Way to Create a High Functioning Group

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with Nick Hall and guest facilitator (this workshop is co-facilitated)

During this workshop we will form, conduct and close our high functioning group.

It’s intended we will form a supportive community. We will give this community an opportunity to function, and gently, respectfully, finish and disperse.

Main objectives:

To create an experiential teaching environment to teach this model.

To give a genuine experience of the model.

Main ideas:

The main ideas are centred on a concept of a high functioning group. The features this particular group intends to support are:

Self-directed individuals with an internal locus of control.

Shared willingness to explore the unknown.

Clarity of intention.

Clarity of roles, modes of behaviour, and tasks.




A strong atmosphere of community.

Collaborative decision making.

An operating environment that maximises individuals self reliance and natural skills.

Perceived equity, with facilitators being fully involved members.

Defined outcomes:

An experience of the defined (as above) and researched model.


Experiential learning using adult learning principles.


Half day and one day workshops.


By negotiation.

For more information or to organise a workshop for you or your organisation please contact Nick Hall on 0459413198 or email nick.creatinghappiness@gmail.com