A Gentle Approach To Adventure Therapy.

Delivered in workshop, multi-day training, or conference presentation form.

A Gentle Approach to Adventure Therapy.

Working with one to one walk and talk adventure therapy in the outdoors – observations of an ascent into gentleness from five years of practice.

For the past five years I have been exploring a modality of adventure therapy whereby I have been working with clients one to one in outdoor settings in the nature filled environs close to our local capital city of Hobart in Tasmania, Australia.

These environs range from paved walkways, parks, beaches, and shared waterways, through to genuine wilderness that is part of our South-West Wilderness that connects with the edges of our city.

I am working from my background in person centred counselling, somatic (body centred) psychotherapy, and fifteen years of bush adventure therapy group work.

I am working with walking and talking, or perhaps canoe paddling/dinghy rowing and talking, nature contact and mindful nature immersion, self-awareness, personal responsibility and, safety and gentleness.

After the grand adventures, and physical risk taking of my group work, this workshop/training/presentation focuses on the growing inclusion of gentleness and intimacy into my/your work with others.