Adventure Scrapbook #2


Alfie the therapy dog looking majestic after a walk and talk at Montrose Bay.


A pic from a few years ago. We are launching a friends Balinese sailing jukung at Midway Point.


Me meeting a quokka at Rottnest Island, Western Australia. They are quite used to people getting close. Yes, I had my promo tee shirt on for the shot.


Walking and talking in the tranquil surrounds of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart. We spent some time checking out the bright coloured flowers in the nurturing space of the Conservatory.

Shag Bay 2019.jpg

A little panorama. Walking in Shag Bay at the East Risdon Nature Reserve on a warm day. Lots of Tasmanian birdlife to be encountered. We have seen over thirty species here.


Late season snow at Carr Villa hut, Ben Lomond National Park, Tasmania.


We paddled out together to Little Spectacle Island in our own kayaks. This activity builds self reliance in a safe environment. And it’s heaps of fun if you are up for it.


An adolescent blue tongue lizard looking for food on a hot day beside the track at Geilston Bay. We also see bronze skinks, and mountain dragons!


A summer’s day walk and talk on Park Beach, Dodges Ferry. Calming, reassuring, and mixed with the joy of being here.


Alfie’s sister Lexi doing her apprenticeship as a therapy dog on the coastal track at Lewisham. She is doing just fine.

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