What Is Fun For?


I was floating around on my surfboard the other day, waiting for a nice shaped wave to come rolling in.

It is the middle of winter here is Tasmania, and the seawater temperature has dropped to 6 degrees celsius. As I get older the decision to go for a surf this time of year has become more challenging than routine. And yet I go, and I have fun, heaps of fun.

I have now been an active surfer for 40 years.

Every time I go for a surf it is a noticeably different experience for me.

How could this be so? I’m doing fairly similar things each time I surf, and often I am surfing in the same place, and yet it is always so different, and it is always fun. Even when I have got cold, or very scared, or have been hassled by unfriendly types sharing the water, it has still been fun.

Sometimes I don’t really expect to have a good time, and I still do, there has always been something in it for me.  I find this astonishing.

And the other thing I love about surfing is sharing the times in the water with others who love it too. Two peak experiences that really stick in my mind are catching big, fast, long, beautifully shaped and powerful waves, and happily sharing the ride on a wave with another, even if I do not know them.

P1090698 2.JPG


The morning surf check, touched by promise and excitement.

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