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I have been reading some articles on how too much screen time may be adversely effecting the healthy balance of our lives. And I got to wondering how this discourse connects with my experiences of working with people in the bush.

I am very reticent to turn on a mobile phone, or any other screen device, when I have specifically entered our bush lands with the intention of maximising the benefit of being there.

Why?  Am I some sort of technology hater? A green fundamentalist perhaps?

No. I like technology, and I am a bit green, and other colours as well.

I am simply not wanting any technology to interfere with the purity of the interaction with the natural state of this type of land. So I go there with the bare minimum of accessories. I do not take an extra anything with me. Maybe a coat, a water bottle, a small first aid kit, and my mobile phone turned off in a ziplock bag to keep it dry (in case of an emergency).

What happens when we do this?

Well, good question.

Give it a go, see what happens for you.

If you like let me know how it went in LEAVE A COMMENT.

Link to ABC article touching on this: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-16/camping-for-mental-health/10238198


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