A History of East Risdon Nature Reserve: Part 3

Shag Bay.png

Shag Bay about 1910(?).

The first section of the East Risdon Nature Reserve that we walk through on our bushland walk and talk sessions has an interesting history.

I’m curious so I asked some people about the stories of the different ruins and quarries, and other evidence of land use that are there to look at as we walk along. I also did a whole bunch of online searches to see what I could find.

This blog I have named “Part 3” because it turns out there are many stories to tell about this small piece of land by the Derwent River. Part 1 can be before human contact, Part 2 can be the first people’s usage of this country, and Part 3 is about what has happened there since John Bowen and his crew landed just up the river a little bit.

I have started with pictures and will update this blog as I hear more details, and you ask me some questions.

HMS Nelson Shag Bay 1926.jpg

The wrecking of the HMS Nelson in Shag Bay 1926.

In Shag Bay.jpg

The wrecking of the HMS Nelson in Shag Bay 1926.

1874 in williamstown, Victoria.png

HMS Nelson docked at Williamstown, Victoria, 1874.

Link to history of HMS Nelson: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Nelson_(1814)

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 4.39.30 pm.png

     The bone mill fertiliser factory in Shag Bay 1920ish.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 4.38.25 pm.png

    The bone mill fertiliser factory in Shag Bay 1920ish.

Links to history of this mill:




 The Hobart floating bridge 1938.

Geilston Bay 1938.jpg

A section of the floating bridge in Geilston Bay 1938. (My mooring for Water Is Life is now just right (north) of the closest part of the bridge section.)


Water Is Life on her mooring in Geilston Bay 2017.


Towing the new floating bridge into place, 1938.


Towing the new floating bridge into place, 1938. Is that a boulder holding that tow rope in the foreground?

floating-bridge 1964.png

A section of the floating bridge being returned to Geilston Bay 1964.



A section of the floating bridge now forming the break water at Alonnah, Bruny Island.


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