Big Adventures.

I caught the train from Katoomba to Sydney to connect with my flight to Hobart. On the platform I was introduced to a friend of my friend Dan. His name is James.


We chatted for the two hour trip about our different adventures. James asked me about my therapy work, and about the client groups I had worked with over the last twenty years. The youthful young people of Project Hahn, the complex needs children of Complex Care, the torture and trauma surviving refugees with the Phoenix Centre, the Tasmanian aboriginal community, our mums and fathers and sons at Community Rites of Passage, and now my walk and talk clients. After a few good stories James asked if I had written a book. Yes, I said, but at the moment it is still a bunch of notes waiting for bookdom to come. James has written a book. James, with his friend Justin Jones, has paddled a kayak from Australia to New Zealand, and they have also skied to the South Pole together.


When I thought we had talked enough about what I had been doing I said to James, “You’re the guy that paddled to New Zealand.” to which he replied “Yes”                                  I said “That was a stupid thing to do.”                                                                                            He smiled broadly and we continued our conversation, swapping stories about his big adventures across the ocean and the ice, and my big adventures on the same oceans, with my adventures being within a relatively easy return to land. It highlighted what is true, the scale of what is a big adventure is measured by oneself.

The two hours on the train seemed to be gone in one. I had thought I would be looking out the window and listening to some music, instead I got to speak with James.



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Hobart, Tasmania.

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