Here is what underlies my practice.

I will describe as best I can the essence of why I work with you in the outdoors, and why I use storytelling, maturational theory, and experiential learning in my practice.

Some things we may be able to agree on, simply stated:

Help is everywhere; our wellbeing is fundamentally supported by the universe, and things can go wrong.

We are children; and then adults, of this universe.

Discovering and experiencing new things is essential to our wellbeing.

We belong to this universe.

The universe is made up of all things.

It is immense and mostly unknown.

We belong to the unknown, because we cannot remain well without it.

We need to explore the unknown to stay healthy.

We invent and share stories about what we know, and what is unknown; this is part of sustaining our wellbeing.

These stories are our cultural mythology.

In this sense, We belong to mythology.

Now here is a perhaps curious idea?

Science is about what is observable with our senses; these observations are repeatable.

In other words, science is about what is.

Understanding “what is” is essential to our wellbeing.

In a universe all things are related.

Mythology and science are not separate.

Because they both are.

And one last idea I’ll leave you to explore;

We belong to the land; we are born out of the fruits of Earth.

Which means;

Strawberries belong to delicious.



The land belongs to nurture.

Which of course brings us back to help is everywhere.


Nick Hall 2019


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