Going Deeper.


Joseph Campbell, mythologist and writer said “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” A use of metaphor to speak of exploring deeper within oneself to understand how to best be in the world. Very personal and self-specific work.

The week before last I guided a trip into Mystery Creek Cave, on the edge of Tasmania’s South-West wilderness, with a small group of young women and men.

As we talked about the expedition beforehand, and on the walk in, we discovered quite different levels of apprehension about descending into the darkness and the confines of the cave.

The challenge, the fear and excitement, the reason for being there unique in each one of us. Working intentionally with metaphor can be a powerful tool in counselling and psychotherapy, especially in the outdoors in an environment of managed risk.

The walk in through the rainforest.


Inside the cave entrance.


Some tight spaces.


Back at the entrance.



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