Person Centred Therapy, what is that?



Person-centred therapy works with the ways in which we perceive ourselves consciously, rather than attempting to interpret our unconscious thoughts, ideas, or imaginings.

A person-centred approach sees us as having an innate tendency to develop towards our full potential using our own resources and supports. However, this ability can become blocked or distorted by our life experiences. This in turn effects our sense of self worth, either by depressing it, or inflating it. Both of these effects cause personal suffering.

Using this understanding I work to understand your experience from your point of view. By positively valuing you as a person in all aspects of your nature, and by being open and genuine, to allow you to feel acceptance and better understand your own feelings. The intention is that this enables you to reconnect with your inner values and balanced sense of self-worth. This reconnection with your own resources enables you to find your way to move forward.

Two powerful things are happening here. You hear yourself express what is important to you and what thoughts and/or actions may be interfering. Then we explore what it is that works for you to free yourself from what is making you unhappy, anxious or unwell.

And if what you find works, you can practice it, because it may be worth it for you.


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To talk about counselling/therapy options, and to make an appointment, please call me.

Nick Hall – 0459413198 – 9am to 5pm – Monday to Wednesday.

Hobart, Tasmania.

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