Fresh Water.


We took a day trip down the Derwent River the week before last. In the fresh water. I spend a lot of time in salt water, being a regular surfer, and a boating type.

Fresh water is different. Rivers are different. Fresh water can be drunk, and it is also refreshing and cleansing to our bodies with a whole different quality to saltwater.


And the animals are different. Even though we did see sea eagles nesting with their giant chicks, twenty five kilometres from the saltwater coast. We saw platypus, trout jumping, bushland birds. There would be eels there somewhere, sliding about.


Something about paddling with the flow of the river had a positive influence on our affect. My experience is that this reliably happens to me when I go with the flow of the river. The same seems to happen to those I share this experience with. A different land, on the river, in the fresh water. Good for us, adventure, cleansing and refreshing.


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