Special Places.


On a recent free camping trip in Victoria, Australia, with my daughter, I visited some special places. We camped by the Lerderderg River, and in the Mount Franklin volcano crater, then turned westward in our little car to spend some quality time at Girawerd (The Grampians).

The special places that have stuck in my mind in that country are shared special places. They are also sacred sites belonging to our first peoples.

We visited Billimina Shelter on the western side of the reserved lands of Gariwerd. It was a warm, still day. Not too hot, just right for walking, not too many flying insects sharing the space.


As we approached the rock shelter, with it’s curiously engaging red ochre paintings, the specialness of the site became palpable. We relaxed, and let the sacred energy of this place soak in. Whatever knowledge or wisdom that was to be imparted by visiting with respect was entering our feeling beings, as happens with all special places.


Words don’t work so well with an experience such as this. We looked at the paintings which echoed the same. Pictures paint a thousand words, with no need to explain. Soak it in, let our busy thinking minds subside.


I say thank you to the first peoples of our shared lands, for the care you have taken for countless generations, and to you reading this blog, where are your special places that feed your soul, that make you feel that you understand something good that is beyond words? Maybe go and sit in one of these places soon.

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