Adventure Scrapbook #1



Sharing a joke with some of my friends/colleagues at the Tasmanian Men’s Gathering for men’s health and wellbeing, Dysart.


A view from my floating office Water Is Life whilst cruising, Frederick Henry Bay.

Black Dog 2019.jpg

Climbed a tree to get the pic at the end of the Black Dog Ride for suicide prevention, Bicheno.


We had to rescue the stand up paddle board at the end of our paddle and talk, Hinsby Beach.


Sky above our beach walk and talk. Nature immersion at it’s best, Park Beach.


Having lunch with a co-worker from Community Rites of Passage, Lindisfarne. Have a guess which one is mine.


We were invited in to have a look after our walk and talk, Blundstone Arena. Nothing much going on.


Our resident goose at Geilston Bay Boat Club, with her duck friends.


The rusty old car I looked in on the way to work, which turned out to be a tiger snakes home, Grasstree Hill.


Someone’s boat sank on it’s mooring, not far from my mooring, Geilston Bay. Not what I like to see.


This dog.


Fishing and talking at Battery Point jetty. Can you see the seal surfacing next the mooring buoy?


Looking for skimming stones on a pebble beach near Dodges Ferry. How many hops can you get? One of those carefree outdoor activities that many people can relate to.


Checking the surf conditions at Remarkable Cave, Tasman Peninsula. That’s Cape Raoul in the background.


Looking out the pink window at GASP whilst fishing and talking, Wilkinsons Point.

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