My Dog Is A Guinea Pig.


Our family dog Robbie (Bob) is about to turn thirteen. About a year ago he developed age related epilepsy and it has been brought under control and managed by some quite strong medication. This is a good thing for Bob, and us, as his fits can be distressing to watch, and he can hurt himself whilst fitting. The medication has also made him subdued, and sometimes he looks disorientated, confused and slow to respond. He sleeps more than he did before. We have got use to a different Bob around the house, a bit sad, but as I said, better than daily fits.

Now here is why I have included Bob’s situation in my blog. When we take him for a walk across the road in the coastal reserve, or better still, down to our beach, he transforms quickly to the Bob we knew, full of vigour, happily sniffing everything he passes, and fully engaging with the things that connect with his attention.

This natural transformation is accessible reliably and daily.

Watching Bob come more alive outside immediately made me think of the work I am doing with clients in the same environment. So for me Bob therefore becomes an unpretentious, and I think, reliable test pilot for the efficacy of this work. Be like Bob, step outside, and feel the transformation.


When Bob gets home after his walk he needs a rest.


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